6 Ways You can Make a Huge Difference in Your Community

Being successful in life is not about making a lot of money, it is about making as much of a difference in people’s lives as you can. As humans, we want to make a difference and leave our mark on those that we meet. Knowing that we have helped others is something that has a positive impact on our lives - it makes us happier, gives us more balance, and gives us a sense of purpose. Below we have given you some ideas as to how you can start making a difference in your local community today.



Volunteering with a local organisation is a fantastic way to give something back to the community. Whether it is at a food bank, hospital, youth group, old peoples’ home, or an animal shelter, it is likely that there are plenty of local organisations that are looking for help from kind volunteers.

Donate Blood

By donating blood, you can give the gift of life, and there is no gift out there that is as meaningful as that. Blood donations are always needed because heart surgery can use up to five donations, Leukaemia patients could need as many as eight donations a week, while someone who has been on a bad car accident could need up to 50 donations. Every donation that you make will make a very big difference to someone’s life. You will get a biscuit and some juice after you have donated, so everyone is a winner, no?

Organise a Fundraising Event

Find something that you are really passionate about and set up an event to raise money for it. Maybe you love dogs and would love to raise some money to help feed and look after the dogs at the local dog shelter? Or maybe there is a local food bank that is running short on food and you can organise an event to collect food donations for them. If you are passionate about something but do not really know how you can help, just get in touch with the organisation that you want to help and they will give you some great suggestions.


Care for a Neighbour

You do not need to go very far to make a difference in someone’s life. Whether it is the elderly gentleman from down the road who lives by himself or the young mother who lives next door, there are certainly people in your neighbourhood who can use a hand. Maybe you can help shovel the snow off their drive, mow their lawn, or get their groceries for them.

Organise a Clean Up

All that is required to have a successful clean up session is some rubbish bags, recycling bags, rubber gloves, volunteers and friends, and an area that needs a bit of love and attention. Nowadays, a lot of beaches, parks, and streets are in need of a bit of tender loving care, and some people just need a little push to help out.

Shop Locally

A small way that you can make a big difference in your community is to stop shopping at your big supermarkets and buy from the smaller shops. By spending your hard-earned money at family-owned shops in your community you will be supporting your local economy.