Yorkshire Dance, Rotherham

Yorkshire Dance champions the development of dance in Yorkshire by raising standards, increasing knowledge and understanding and fostering creativity and innovation.

They create opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to see, make and take part in high quality dance that is rooted in their creativity, in their lives and in their communities, with the power to transform and inspire.

Yorkshire Dance Good Neighbour Funding

Provident Good Neighbour funding is supporting a grass-roots boys dance development project in Rotherham.

The aim of the project is to positively impact on the lives of boys and young men by engaging them with dance and technology: increasing their knowledge and skills and raising their confidence and aspirations. The programme aims to:

  • Deliver an accessible, inclusive dance and technology programme that builds progression routes over three years; is empowering and develops young peoples’ leadership skills.
  • Deliver a series of aspiration-raising opportunities; in conjunction with professional visiting companies and in the context of performance platforms (sub-regional and regional performance platforms).
  • Create strong links with local arts sector, local authority and with higher education in order to create progression routes and leave a legacy.
  • In 2015 funding was agreed to introduce a new programme called ‘We Danced’, an intergenerational pilot project bringing together older adults in care home settings with local primary schools in Parsons Cross, Sheffield which invites older adults to share their stories of dance and dancing with a team of five professional dance artists.