The Wooden Canal Boat Society Limited

The Wooden Canal Boat Society Limited was the runner up and won £500 of Good Neighbour funding during our 2016 campaign.

What is The Wooden Canal Boat Society Limited?

The Wooden Canal Boat Society has the second largest collection of former working wooden canal boats in the UK. Rather than simply restore and preserve them, The WCBS is finding new uses for the wonderful old boats, putting them to work on behalf of the local community and at the same time providing opportunities for people to learn new skills, meet people, make friends, do something useful and rewarding.

Why should The Wooden Canal Boat Society Limited receive a donation from the Good Neighbour programme?


Tameside is an area of considerable deprivation with high levels of disadvantage, low income and health problems. Poverty, mental illness and social exclusion all too frequently impact together, affecting an individual’s ability to work efficiently, often resulting in unemployment or being confined to low status jobs and consequent loss of self-esteem and confidence. Volunteering with The Wooden Canal Boat Society can be a way of giving daily lives meaning and structure, plus volunteers can learn new skills, giving personal satisfaction and something to add to a C.V

What could The Wooden Canal Boat Society Limited use the money for?

The WCBS is committed to good environmental practice, hence their recycling trips which collect donations from houses in Droylsden by boat to either be sold in the shop or recycled. They have a fleet of 6 heritage wooden canal boats, all over 100 years old, which need very regular maintenance. For all of these activities, a strong vehicle is necessary. Funding would help them buy a new van to replace the old lady they currently use. As they depend on volunteers who are from the Ashton area which is very deprived, the funding would go far.