Shine (East Norfolk)

Shine (East Norfolk) was a runner up and won £500 funding during our 2016 campaign.

What is Shine (East Norfolk)?

Shine is a registered charity that supports children and young people with moderate to severe disability, and their families, by offering respite sessions. These sessions are supported with qualified and highly experienced staff who provide fun, educational and exciting activities ensuring that all disabilities are catered for and that all members are fully involved. Shine is based in a highly deprived area with many families living on the breadline or relying on benefits to get by. Shine also has a nursery that is open to all children with or without disability.

Why should Shine (East Norfolk) receive a donation from the Good Neighbour programme?

Shine is a valued service to the local community. Members and their parent/carers are always excited and pleased to take up any outing opportunity offered to them. Shine strives to plan outings to places that are fully inclusive to ensure that all members are given a fulfilling and fun experience. With a donation from the Good Neighbour programme, Shine can plan exciting adventures for 2017. Due to lack of funding they have been able to offer very limited outings in 2016, which has not only been disappointing for the children and young people but also for the staff at Shine.

What could Shine (East Norfolk) use the money for?

Shine likes to offer fun and exciting activities outside of the venue. To be able to do this, they need to buy tickets to venues, provide wheelchair accessible transport and bring along enough staff members to ensure that all the ‘Shinies’ are safe, enabled and have a great time. Many families struggle to take their disabled child on adventures, partly due to the cost but also because they find it difficult to manage without the support of others, or lack the confidence to deal with any impatient members of the public. Shine can offer a support worker to work alongside the families on outings to help with anything from personal care, medicine administration or even giving parents and carers the opportunity to sit and have a quiet cup of tea. They also provide outings for older children that attend the youth club. These outings are planned so that they can help members develop their life and social skills, build on their independence and confidence and simply offer them a chance to hang out with their friends in a social setting.