SELFA Girls Rock Club

SELFA Girls Rock Club won £2000 Good Neighbour funding during our 2016 campaign.

What is SELFA?

SELFA is a local children’s charity working to support disabled, vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Skipton and Craven.

Children come to SELFA facing varied and complex challenges, including mental and physical health issues, family breakdown, deprivation, caring responsibilities and bullying. They often have low self esteem and self-confidence, are socially isolated and display emotional and behavioural problems.

SELFA works closely with parents, carers and other agencies to support each child, with the firm belief that no child should be denied access to the activities and experiences that we know can build confidence, increase self esteem, raise aspirations and improve attitudes and behaviour. SELFA offers a range of services, including after-school clubs, holiday workshops, trips and holidays, activities which offer engaging and enjoyable opportunities to try new things, learn skills, make friends and have fun, opportunities that can be sadly limited elsewhere in these children’s lives.

SELFA are seeking support to help fund their after-school club for socially isolated girls aged 10-16, Girls Rock. This female-led club offers a nurturing environment for vulnerable girls in the Skipton and Craven areas of North Yorkshire. The club provides a safe and welcoming place where the girls can build their confidence and self-esteem, develop friendships and be supported during the difficult adolescent years. The high ratio of trained staff and volunteers in the Girls Rock Club allows for a level of individual attention the girls need, which is not available at mainstream activities.

Why should SELFA Girls Rock Club receive a donation from the Good Neighbour programme?

Girls Rock Club is the only service available in Skipton which is able to offer this sort of support to disabled, vulnerable disadvantaged girls, and without it the service users would find their social isolation significantly increased. The Club is offered free of charge and provides transport where necessary to avoid barriers to participation for those from low income families or facing the additional challenge of rural isolation.

SELFA relies on grants and individual donations to continue to provide this service and a donation from the Good Neighbour programme would help provide some security for the future of the Club.

What will SELFA Girls Rock Club use the money for?

The money will provide funding for trips and activities for the Club, for professionals to come and deliver exciting sessions, and to pay costs of support staff.