NOAH Enterprise

NOAH Enterprise was a runner up and won £500 of Good Neighbour funding during our 2016 campaign.

What is NOAH Enterprise?

NOAH Enterprise (New Opportunities And Horizons) provides practical, caring and empowering services to homeless adults across Bedfordshire. Their clients’ problems are complex, including homelessness, unemployment, family breakdown, loneliness and poverty and last year they helped 1200 individuals. Their transformative activities utilise a holistic ‘pathway’ model to improve health and wellbeing, moving clients forward to independent living and fulfilment of their potential through their Outreach service, a Welfare Day Centre, Social Enterprise (work experience in warehousing, logistics, woodworking, service engineering of domestic goods, administration and retailing) and Academy (training in basic, life and vocational skills, English, and employment preparation).

Why should NOAH Enterprise receive a donation from the Good Neighbour programme?

NOAH is based in one of the 10% most deprived neighbourhoods in the country and there is an acute housing shortage in the area. Most of their clients have no money, no home, and are stuck in a vicious cycle of deprivation which makes self-sufficiency a distant dream. Of the new referrals who disclosed their economic status, 91% were not in employment, and half had no recourse to public funds so are reliant on NOAH for food and clothing.

What could NOAH Enterprise use the money for?

The shelter runs in conjunction with NOAH’s Soup Kitchen, to ensure that homeless and rough sleeping individuals receive hot nourishing food and a place of warmth, comfort and safety to sleep during sub-zero conditions. Funding would be used to provide hot food for shelter users in the evening and morning, and to pay for sleeping bags etc. The short-term aim of the Emergency Winter Shelter is to provide immediate relief from dangerous environmental conditions, whilst the longer-term aim is to move people permanently away from the street.  generally see the health of our clients improve through having access to Welfare Services, particularly GP appointments, nutritious food, and referrals to specialist drug and alcohol services. Funding would pay for around 1750 hot meals for rough sleepers using the NOAH Emergency Winter Shelter.


Noah enterprise