Knitted Knockers NI

Knitted Knockers NI was a runner up and won £500 of Good Neighbour funding during the 2016 campaign.

What is Knitted Knockers?

Knitted Knockers NI is a very new group which is being set up. Its aim is to provide ‘knitted knockers’ and a cushion to everyone who has had a mastectomy. The group was set up by Joanne Harris, who was inspired by the problems experienced by a friend shopping for suitable garments. The current prostheses are heavy and not very comfortable. The hand-knitted versions are light and washable, and are very comfortable to wear. They are knitted to a specific design in pure cotton.

Why should Knitted Knockers NI receive a donation from the Good Neighbour programme?

The plan is to provide little bags to each of the relevant clinics in Northern Ireland as well as individuals who request them. Already the demand is growing with a steady stream of requests. Already some knitters have been trained, but it is obvious that there needs to be a steady stream of ‘knitted knockers’ and cushions.

What could Knitted Knockers NI use the money for?

The strategy is to have a sponsored knit-in on the last Saturday of each month – in a different area each month. Each volunteer is asked to collect sponsorship of £1 per signatory. This will help to fund the cotton, needles and fabric needed for future sessions. The new knitters will be mentored by experienced teachers. A number of groups have also expressed an interest in knitting or sewing for us. We also need volunteers to stuff and pack these items. This is a very worthwhile project which will hopefully become sustainable with a steady flow of volunteers, donations and funding.