Geeza Break

Geeza Break was a runner up and won £500 Good Neighbour funding during their 2016 campaign.

What is Geeza Break?

Geeza Break is a small community based organisation located in the heart of Glasgow that offers a lifeline to families with children under 16, through family support and respite services. In addition, they provide citywide support to kinship carers who take on the care of grandchildren, nieces, and nephews who have been affected by parental addiction.

Why should Geeza Break receive a donation from the Good Neighbour programme?

As a third sector organisation, Geeza Break is always fighting the funding battle. They have been established for nearly 25 years and are very passionate about the support they offer to families.

What could Geeza Break use the money for?

The money would be used to offer respite support to additional families. Geeza Break operates an emergency respite service that is shored up by bits of funding from different organisations. A Provident Good Neighbour grant would offer stability to the respite service, in turn benefiting the families and children who need this short term support.


Geeza Break