The FUSION Youth Café

The FUSION Youth Café was a runner up and won £500 of Good Neighbour funding during our 2016 campaign.

What is FUSION Youth Cafe?

The FUSION Youth Café offers development support to young people in the Wexford area. Operating twice weekly, the cafe gives young people the opportunity to learn about important issues that can affect them, including rape crisis, sexual health, safety at night, and smoking. The cafe also operates during important periods such as exam period at school, providing them with a place to be around likeminded people and relieve some of the stress that they may be experiencing.

Why should FUSION Youth Café receive a donation from the Good Neighbour programme?

The FUSION Youth Café aims to improve the facilities, range of activities and training available to young people and the wider community.

FUSION is and will continue to be an innovative development for this rural catchment area, where it brings together the opportunity for the young people of the community to mix socially and also avail of information and educational material on-hand, as well as the opportunity to engage initially with community development in an easy and relaxed manner.

The proposed project is aimed at the development of modern youth friendly training and education facilities adjacent to FUSION Café for use by staff, volunteers and users of FUSION Café and other youth groups and agencies. The development idea is to further FUSION Café as a sustainable, accessible, attractive, modern facility, aimed primarily but not exclusively for the youth of the wider area who wish to use the Café as a contact point to meet others and also avail of educational services targeted at young people.

What could FUSION Youth Café use the money for?

This proposal is aimed at improving the provision of current effective services at the FUSION Youth Café to rural youth in proposing the delivery of :

accessible and appropriate social facilities and appropriate health information and training services to young people • Targeted information on other services for young people • An environment with approachable staff members who understand young people’s needs.

The provision of a culture, which can debate the issues surrounding teenage health and well being openly and maturely.

We also aim to build on good practice from other national youth cafes by also offering accurate health information, diet, nutrition and exercise programmes, and by encouraging healthy lifestyle choices at the proposed training facilities.


Fusion Youth Cafe