Early Focus Project, Dublin

The Early Focus Project was established in St James’ Primary School, Dublin 8 in 1997. The school is situated in one of the most disadvantaged area of Dublin’s south inner city. It is a project that was born out of the needs of the children attending the school. Its focus is on caring and providing opportunities for children to experience a consistent relationship built on trust with a supportive adult via one to one or group sessions.

The children attending the project come from families experiencing various degrees of socio-economic hardship and are highly vulnerable to early school leaving and subsequent social problems. Since the project has started no child has been excluded from the school due to the support the project has offered.

Early Focus Project Good Neighbour Funding

Provident Good Neighbour funding is helping to support the running costs of the project and to keep viable their long serving programmes which work well and enable these young vulnerable children to access education.