The Bus Shelter IW

The Bus Shelter IW won £2000 of Good Neighbour funding during our 2016 campaign.

What is The Bus Shelter IW?

The Bus Shelter IW is a converted bus which houses up to 20 homeless people, allowing them a place to take shelter. It also provides them a PO box number which can allow them to rebuild their lives by applying for benefits, jobs etc.

Why should The Bus Shelter IW receive a donation from the Good Neighbour programme?

The Bus Shelter IW’s mission is to end the need for people sleeping rough on the Isle of Wight by providing safe overnight accommodation. Since the local night shelter closed in February this year, they thought outside the box and decided to buy a double decker bus and convert it into accommodation for the homeless. The bus will provide temporary accommodation for up to 20 rough sleepers on the island.

What could The Bus Shelter IW use the money for?

The money would be used for more equipment for the bus, solar showers, toilets, washing clothes, toiletries etc which will allow people to have and keep their dignity. Funding would also be used for purchasing overflow tents which will withstand horrific weather. All funds would be spent on increasing the capacity of the project.

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