Argyll Talking Newspapers

Argyll Talking Newspapers was a runner up and won £200 of Good Neighbour funding during our 2016 campaign.

What is Argyll Talking Newspapers?

Argyll Talking Newspapers is a voluntary organisation of over thirty people offering a free lifeline service which provides audio equipment specially adapted for visually impaired persons, the blind and stroke victims through cutting up local newspapers, recording and copying onto USB sticks.

Why should Argyll Talking Newspapers receive a donation from the Good Neighbour programme?

Argyll Talking Newspapers hope that they can help to counteract the feeling of loneliness and isolation of those who cannot access their local newspapers or get out. Due to lack of local radio, Talking Newspapers help fill that void. Friendly voices heard on the recording help to provide a lifeline and information of what is happening in the Argyll area, and keep their minds active and alert.

What could Argyll Talking Newspapers use the money for?

Talking Newspapers would use the funding to provide digital boxes, yellow postal wallets and USB sticks for their listeners, as well as to fund the equipment required for recording.