An-Óige, County Wicklow

An-Óige, the Irish Youth Hostel Association (IYHA or YHA Ireland) provides safe, affordable accommodation and travel experiences to those travelling Ireland as backpackers, groups or families. It is a non-profit organisation with a focus on its guests and providing the best budget accommodation in Ireland as is possible.

An-Óige is Gaeilge for “The Youth” which explains the main objective of An Oige which is to help all, but especially young people, to a love and appreciation of the countryside, particularly by providing simple hostel accommodation for them whilst on their travels.  

An-Óige Good Neighbour Funding

Provident Good Neighbour funding has been supporting An-Oige’s ‘Give us a break’ programme since 2005.

The programme provides new opportunities for young people to take part in outdoor activities and increase their confidence and self-esteem. It aims to tackle social exclusion through the provision of hostel based short trips for groups of disadvantaged young people, for many of whom it is the first time they have stayed away from home.

The activity breaks are designed to encourage the young people to broaden their horizons, develop new ideas and skills and to build their self-confidence to tackle everyday situations. As a result, they feel more confident after taking part, brought about by facing their fears and being out of their comfort zone.

These skills and personal developments have also been observed back in the classroom beyond the break. Teachers have found that the young people listen more and work better as a team.